World War II Photos and Videos

A Larchmont firefighter leaps from the roof of the Manor House.

In honor of firefighters in World War II, we will be presenting photographs and video excerpts of WW II firefighting, including rare footage of firefighter training in Larchmont during the war, including a drill at Larchmont’s Manor House, where volunteers leap off the roof into a canvas rescue net.

London firefighters during the Battle of Britain

We will also present vintage film footage of firefighting brigades during the Battle of Britain air attacks on London.

Beer Tasting

Jim Sweeney, the Fire Company Beer-Meister, at the Fire Company's signature "Firefighter's Barbecue."

The event will include a blind beer tasting, featuring samples of a wide selection of specialty and craft beers, including beers brewed with firefighters in mind. The beers are specially selected by the Fire Company’s beer-meister, former Larchmont Fire Chief Jim Sweeney.

You’re Invited!

You are invited to the Larchmont Historical Fire Company’s Traditional Firefighters’ Irish Night, which takes place on March 15, 2014 at the American Legion Hall in Larchmont’s Flint Park. The celebrations begin at 7:00 pm. This year’s event will feature Larchmont’s 1922 American LaFrance Engine as well as photographs and film-excerpts about firefighting during World War II.

Irish Night was a tradition of the Larchmont Fire Department’s Engine Company for almost a century. Celebrating the Irish heritage of many of Larchmont’s firefighters, members and their families and friends enjoyed a traditional St. Patrick’s day meal of corned-beef and cabbage repast, supplemented by Irish soda bread and a variety of beverages and desserts. The Larchmont Historical Fire Company is restoring this annual tradition, this year dedicating the event to the memory of firefighters during World War II in Larchmont and across the seas.

Everyone is welcome to join our celebration, especially present and former members of fire companies in Larchmont and our surrounding communities, and military veterans who can help us all to remember and honor those who served and died in our wars.


Featuring Engine One, and more…

Larchmont’s Engine One will be on display, along with the Larchmont Fire Company’s Chief’s Car, a 1910 Bruce Roadster.

The Larchmont Historical Fire Company's Chief's car, a 1910 Bruce autocar.

Company members will be in their historical uniforms, including a company inspection where they wear their illuminated helmets.